Welcome!  Here you will find complete essays, articles, reflections, reviews, and stories about the transdisciplinary integral study of consciousness and the Kosmos.

Founded in 2005, the Journal of Conscious Evolution: A Journal of Transdisciplinary Studies offers a venue for the publication of research papers, essays, and other works that speak to issues of positive growth and transformation in both the individual and in society.

It provides a platform for the publication of works not only by established authors or artists, but also for students and laypersons with quality offerings.

The Journal is a registered non-profit and exists to provide a creative alternative to other publications on consciousness and growth. The editors envision a space free from constricting influences. We invoke the spirit of free and radical inquiry with the least amount of censorship, whilst preserving high standards in quality control.

Although a journal unto itself, as of 2014, the Journal of Conscious Evolution is now officially a dynamic part of the Ludus Amoris Institute.

Note: This site is routinely updated. Please visit often to see what’s new! Executive Editors: Sean Avila Saiter & Allan Combs