Executive Co-Editors: Leslie Allan Combs and Sean Avila Saiter

Allan Combs is a Professor of Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies.and director of the Integral Focus of the doctoral program. His background is in consciousness studies, neuropsychology, and systems science. He also holds appointments at the Saybrook Graduate School and the Assisi Conferences, and is Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina-Asheville as well as Co-Director of the Integral Studies program leading to an MA in Conscious Evolution at the Graduate Institute of Connecticut. Allan is author of over 200 articles, chapters, and books on consciousness and the brain, including The Radiance of Being (2ed): Understanding the Grand Integral Vision; Living the Integral Life, winner of the best-book award of the Scientific and Medical Network of the UK, with a foreword by Ken Wilber; Changing Visions: Human Cognitive Maps Past, Present, and Future, with Ervin Laszlo, Vilmos Csanyi, and Robert Artigiani; Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, edited with Robin Robertson; Nonlinear Dynamics in Human Behavior, edited with William Sulis; Synchronicity: Through the Eyes of Science, Myth, and the Trickster with Mark Holland; and Mind in Time: The Dynamics of Thought, Reality, and Consciousness, with Mark Germine and Ben Geortzel. Professor Combs is a co-founder of the Integral Foundation and The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, a member of The General Evolution Research Group, the Integral Institute, and the one-hundred member Club of Budapest. He is Co-Editor of the Journal of Conscious Evolution, and Associate Editor of Dynamical Psychology. Allan was the winner of the 2002-2003 National Teaching Award of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs, and in the same year the held the UNCA Honorary Ruth and Leon Feldman Professorship.
Allan’s recent books, Consciousness Explained Better, and Thomas Berry: Dreamer of the Earth, with Ervin Laszlo, are available at major booksellers everywhere.

http://www.sourceintegralis.org/       Allan@SourceIntegralis.org


Sean Avila Saiter, Ph.D. is the founding director and principal researcher of the Ludus Amoris Institute, an independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to exploring the nature and culture of mystical, transcendent, and visionary experience. He works full-time as an undergraduate advisor at UC Santa Cruz and is part-time faculty in the individualized master’s program at Burlington College in Vermont. He formerly taught in the Department of Integral Theory at John F. Kennedy University where he also served as the program coordinator. He completed his doctoral research on participatory sense-making and collaborative presence in higher education classrooms. Some of his active areas of research interest include the phenomenology of spiritual and religious experiences (transpersonal phenomenology); the participatory turn in transpersonal psychology (how intersubjectivity determines transpersonal experiences); articulating the philosophy of science behind the practice of phenomenological psychology; innovative qualitative research methods; and how individuals perceive and live “the good life.”  Sean has written for The Humanistic Psychologist, The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, and Teacher’s College Record. He is an Assistant Editor for the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, former associate organizer of the Biennial Integral Theory Conferences, and formerly sat on the board of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences (SPHS).  He lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

CV:  drsaiter.com

Ludus Amoris Institute: ludusamoris.org

Ronin Institute Profile:  http://ronininstitute.org/research-scholars/sean-avila-saiter/

Academia.edu profile:  http://ucsc.academia.edu/SeanAvilaSaiterPhD