Issue 01/2005


A General Introduction to Integral Theory and Comprehensive Mapmaking by Sean M. Saiter

The End of Death: Conscious Life in the Global Cyberspace By Michael Purdy

Transition to Transcendence: Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s Mathematical Yoga By Imants Baruss

Alchemical Transformation: Consciousness and Matter, Form and Information By F. David Peat

Internal Alchemy, with Michael Winn: The Complete Text of an Interview with Michael Winn Published in The Empty Vessel

Chi Kung Facilitates Integral Growth: An Empirical Investigation C. Arnold, E. Bruggerman, H. Kim, & A. Combs

Death and Resurrection: Enlightenment and the Body of Light By John White

Transpersonal Psychology and the Paradigm of Complexity By Sean M. Kelly




The Evolution of the Culture of Enterprise By Ervin Laszlo

From Homeland Earth; A New Manifesto For The New Millennium By Edgar Morin



On the Nature of Consciousness and Reality (An Overview of Jean Gebser’s Thoughts on Consciousness) (click here for PDF version) by Georg Feuerstien

Inner and Outer Realities: Gebser in a Cultural/Historical Perspective By Allan Combs

Foreword to the book, Eastern Wisdom and Western Thought:A Comparative Study in the Modern Philosophy Of Religion, by P. J. Saher. (1969) By Jean Gebser

The Invisible Origin: Evolution as a Supplementary Process (click here for PDF version) An informal translation of one of Gebser’s last books by Theo Roettgers. By Jean Gebser

Doctrine of the Mysterious Female in Taoism Magic and mythic images of the feminine in an emerging Taoist integral vision. By Evgueni A. Tortchinov

Rudolf Bahro’s Invisible Church By Glen Parton